Safety systems


Automatic Systems Engineering is an expert in industrial explosion protection, fire safety and hazard detection systems. ASE offers a broad spectrum of services:

  • Consultancy
  • Solutions selection
  • Design
  • Supplies
  • Systems execution
  • Service

Architect and integrator of safety systems

ASE specialises in delivering comprehensive safety systems solutions. Thanks to our knowledge, experience and access to the latest technology we are capable of executing the most difficult investment tasks. We offer our clients an individual approach in the form of specialised solutions:

  • Safety systems audit
  • Establishment of safety systems concepts
  • Determination and verification of detection systems SILs
  • Establishment of safety systems architecture for facilities with large amounts of hazardous substances subject to the SEVESO Directive

We offer comprehensive execution of investments related with "turn-key" implementation of safety systems. We boast the greatest competences in the supply of the following solutions:


TSCom®– Total Safety Commander

  • ASE's original solution – TSCom – a Safety Management System coordinating the operation of safety subsystems: fire signalling, access control, gas and leak detection.
  • Designed for lower and upper tier establishments subject to the SEVESO Directive. 


Gas detection

  • The latest gas detection systems utilizing the Open Path technology, ultrasonic and optics technology, and others.
  • Systems with Safety Integrity Levels SIL1 - SIL2 - SIL3.
  • Our offer also includes wireless detection systems that do not require external supply.


Flame and temperature detection

  • Flame detectors detecting a fire at a distance of up to 100 m.
  • Temperature scanners for conveyor belts, fibre optic and polymer cables for temperature detection.
  • Organic and mineral matter smouldering detection systems.
  • Conventional fire signalling systems.


Leak detection

  • Chemical substances and fuels leak detection and location systems.
  • Flooding detection for building applications – monitoring of computer server rooms, air conditioning engine rooms, generators.
  • Detection of a hydrocarbons layer on water.


Video and thermal video surveillance

  • Cameras for potentially explosive zones, CCTV cameras.
  • Video surveillance systems.
  • Thermal CCTV cameras.
  • Onshore and offshore solutions.


Explosion suppression and isolation

  • Active explosion detection and suppression systems (HRD). Explosion isolation using HRD cylinders and cut-off valves.
  • Decompression diaphragms and vents, including flameless solutions.
  • Solutions dedicated to industries with more stringent sanitary requirements – food and medicines manufacturing.


Fire extinguishing

  • Fixed fire extinguishing systems: high- and low-pressure water systems, foam extinguishers.
  • Gas fire extinguishing for server rooms electrical switching stations.
  • Use of fire extinguishing agents that are environmentally friendly and safe for the health of employees.


Mobile equipment for Ex Zones

  • Selection and supply of gas detectors, communication systems, computers and tablets, torches and lighting, digital and thermal cameras, as well as other equipment for Ex Zones.
  • iNet ALSS – an innovative system for the management of mobile gas detectors, combined with workers location system and gas concentration signalling system.